2012 American Educational Research Association: Presentation Titles and Abstracts

Listed below by session and presentation titles are links to each UC Irvine presentation abstract.

Presidential Session: "Whither Opportunity? The American Dream, Then and Now: Examining the Relationship Between Increasing Economic Inequality, Schools, and Children's Life Chances"
Invited Speaker: Distinguished Professor Greg Duncan

Advances in Out-of School Time Research: "Examining Relationships, Program Practices, and Professional Development"
Femi Vance, Ph.D. Student

Bilingualism/English as a Second Language: "Book Access Among Bilingual and Native English-Speaking Children"
Laurie E. Hansen, Ph.D., Progam Graduate
Penelope Collins, Associate Professor

Critical Issues in Preparing Beginning Teachers in Diverse Settings: "Supervisor-Preservice Teacher Interactions: Developing a Vision of Ambitious Instruction Through Conversation"
Jennifer Joan Long, Ph.D. Student
Elizabeth A. van Es, Associate Professor

Depth and Breadth: Approaches to Assessing Partial Vocabulary Knowledge and Supporting Word Learning: "General Vocabulary, Academic Vocabulary, and Vocabulary Depth: Examining Predictors of Adolescent Reading Comprehension"
Joshua Fahey Lawrence, Assistant Professor
Elizabeth Juliana Pare-Blagoev (Harvard University)
Rene R. Lawless (ETS)
Paul Deane (Educational Testing Service)
Chen Li (ETS)

Evaluation of Mathematics Programs and Interventions for K-12 Students: "Evaluation of Spatial Temporal Mathematics: Main and Differential Effects on Standardized Test Scores"
Teomara Rutherford, Ph.D. Student
Margaret Burchinal, Professor
George Farkas, Professor
Jeneen Graham, Assistant Director, CRCL
Melissa Kibrick, Ph.D. Student
Jennifer Joan Long, Ph.D. Student
Lindsey E. Richland (University of Chicago)
Natalie A. Tran (California State University - Fullerton)
Stephanie H. Schneider (Orange County Department of Education)
Lauren Duran (Orange County Department of Education)
Michael E. Martinez, Professor

Evaluation of Professional Development Programs: From Design to Implementation: "Social Network Analysis of Communication Patterns Within Professional Learning Communities"
Adam C. Sheppard, Ph.D. Student
Nayssan Safavian, Ph.D. Student
Alejandra Sofia Albarran, Ph.D. Student
AnneMarie M. Conley, Assistant Professor

Evolving Contexts in Educational Technology: Design, Integration, and Evaluation: "Analyzing Computer Technology and Achievement in Early Childhood"
Ernest Johnson, Ph.D. Student

Examining Literacy Issues and Practices in Special Education: "Early Reading Failure and Later Socioemotional Maladjustment"
Paul L. Morgan (The Pennsylvania State University)
Yu Zhao (The Pennsylvania State University)
George Farkas, Professor

Issues in the Facilitation of Video-Based Professional Development: "A Framework for the Facilitation of Teachers' Analysis of Video"
Elizabeth A. van Es, Associate Professor
Jessica Tunney, Ph.D. Student
Nanette M. Seago (WestEd)
Lynn T. Goldsmith (Education Development Center, Inc.)

Literacy and Mathematics Instruction and Skills: "Effects of Child Care Quality on Children's Language and Mathematics Skills at Kindergarten Entry"
Tran Dang Keys, Ph.D. Student
George Farkas, Professor
Margaret Burchinal, Professor
Greg Duncan, Distinguished Professor
Deborah L. Vandell, Professor and Chair
Weilin Li, Ph.D. Student
Erik Ruzek, Ph.D. Student
Carollee Howes, UCLA

Making Productive Use of New Instructional Techniques for Teacher Professional Development: "Creating an Identity in a Blended Teacher Professional Development Program for Teachers of English Language Learners"
Lauren Shea, Ph.D. Student

Mapping the Impact of Teacher Education: "Envisioning Teacher Preparation Programs as High-Impact Community Service"
Peter B. Jones, Senior Administrative Analyist
George Farkas, Professor
Anne Kristina Jones (University of California - Riverside)
Justin Turpin (University of California - Irvine)

Mapping the Multiple Composing Spaces of Young Language Learners: "Blogging to Learn: Participation and Literacy Among Linguistically Diverse Fifth-Grade Students"
Binbin Zheng, Ph.D. Student
Mark Warschauer, Professor

Motivating Learning Settings: "The Long Term Benefits of Highly Motivating Middle School Teachers"
Erik Ruzek, Ph.D. Student
Thurston Domina, Assistant Professor
Greg Duncan, Distinguished Professor
AnneMarie M. Conley, Assistant Professor

Motivation in Education: "What Predicts Middle School Course Preferences: Expectancy for Success, Task Value, or Academic Achievement?"
Cathy Tran, Ph.D. Student
AnneMarie M. Conley
, Assistant Professor
Greg Duncan, Distinguished Professor
Thurston Domina, Assistant Professor

On the Design, Implementation, and Outcomes of Using Contrasts in Learning: "Teacher Epistemologies of Comparing and Contrasting"
Lindsey E. Richland (University of Chicago)
Katerina Schenke, Ph.D. Student
Keara Osborne (University of California - Irvine)

Online Teaching and Learning: "Language Learning on the Cloud: A Scene on a Social Network Site"
Chin-Hsi Lin, Ph.D. Student

Policy Related to Teacher Effectiveness: "Teacher Effects on Achievement and Anthropometrics: A Cautionary Tale"
Marianne Bitler, UC Irvine
Thurston Domina, Assistant Professor
Emily Penner, Ph.D. Student

Postsecondary Education: College Student Access, Success, and Outcomes: "The Relationship Between the Student-School Counselor Ratio and Students' Postsecondary Preparation and Participation"
Chenoa Woods, Ph.D. Student
Thurston Domina, Assistant Professor

Potential of Technological Innovations to Improve College Readiness, Access, and Success: "Social Media Use and Academic Identity in a Diverse K-12 District"
Mark Warschauer, Professor
Binbin Zheng, Ph.D. Student

Qualitative Approaches to the Evaluation of Literacy Programs and Instruction for Elementary and Secondary Students: "Literacy and Laptops: Effects of a One-to-One Program"
Binbin Zheng, Ph.D. Student
Mark Warschauer,
George Farkas, Professor

Reading Development and Instruction for Struggling Readers: "Risk Factors for Reading Difficulties in Early Childhood"
Paul L. Morgan (The Pennsylvania State University)
George Farkas, Professor
Marianne Hillemeier (The Pennsylvania State University)
Carol Hammer (Temple University)
Steven Maczuga (The Pennsylvania State University)

Reading/Writing Strategies: Supporting Intertextuality in 21st Century Literacy: "A Cognitive Strategies Approach to Connecting Reading and Writing Instruction for English Language Learners in Grades 6-12"
Carol B. Olson, Associate Professor
Tina Matuchniak, Ph.D. Student

School Engagement: "Enhancing School Engagement Through the Arts in the Primary Grades: Validating Diverse Expressions of Knowledge"
Briana Marie Hinga, Ph.D. Student
Liane R. Brouillette, Associate Professor
George Farkas, Professor
Doug Grove, Orange County Department of Education

Social Contexts of Educational Policy, Politics, and Praxis: "The Equitable Effects of Early Concerted Cultivation on Elementary and Middle School Achievement"
Emily Penner, Ph.D. Student

Supporting, Challenging, and Shifting Teacher Practice in STEM: "Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, and Science? Examining the Impact of Professional Development on K-2 Science Instruction"
Judith H. Sandholtz, Associate Professor
Cathy Ringstaff (WestEd)

Tools and Routines for Preparing STEM Teachers: "Watch and Learn: Developing Preservice Math and Science Teachers' Ability to Attend, Analyze, and Respond to Student Thinking"
Tara Barnhart, Ph.D. Student
Elizabeth A. van Es, Associate Professor

Translating Thought into Action: How Digital Video Use Benefits Teachers: "Video and Practice-Based Teacher Preparation: Effects on Teaching and Self-Reflection Abilities"
Rossella Santagata, Associate Professor
Cathery Yeh, Ph.D. Student

Translating Thought into Action: How Digital Video Use Benefits Teachers: "The Impact of Learning to Notice Mathematics Teaching and Learning on Preservice Teachers’ Classroom Practice"
Elizabeth van Es, Associate Professor

Vocabulary Development: "Systematic Academic Vocabulary Development in Middle Schools"
Elaine Mo (University of the Pacific)
Joshua Fahey Lawrence, Assistant Professor

Youth Engagement: Perspectives, Participation, and Program Practices: "A Longitudinal Comparison of Parent and Child Influence on Sports Participation"
Arena Chang, Ph.D. Student
Joseph L. Mahoney, Professor