UCI Department of Education- iClicker Help


iClicker Instructions

Department of Education Technical Services has an iClicker system available for checkout by instructors. The iClicker system includes a set of 62 white student iClickers, one blue instructor's iClicker, a base receiver, a single yellow and white Kingston flash drive of iClicker software and a USB cable.


 Student iClicker


Teacher iClicker

base receiver

Base Receiver

flash drive

Kingston Flash Drive

usb cable

  USB Cable

Each of these items is individually tagged with DoE inventory tags. Everything that is checked out must be returned! Instructors intending to use the iClicker system are encouraged to reserve it ahead of time. Browse to the Equipment Checkout page to reserve the iClicker system.

1) Setting up the iClicker System:

  1. Start by attaching the USB cable to the port marked "TO COMPUTER" on side of the iClicker base station.
  2. Connect the other end of the USB cable to a USB port directly on the computer you will use. Do NOT connect it to a secondary USB port on a keyboard or monitor or external USB hub attached to the computer. The LCD screen on the top of the base receiver should light up indicating that the base has power. Eventually it should display "i>clicker System USB Base" on the LCD screen.
  3. Plug the yellow and white Kingston flash drive with "iClicker" on it into the USB port marked "FLASH MEMORY" on the side of the base receiver. It will attach to your computer and show up as the ICLICKER flash drive.
         base side
  4. The yellow and white Kingston flash drive will attach to the computer as the "ICLICKER" drive. It should open automatically. If it does not, double click the ICLICKER drive to open it.
  5. You should see both iClicker Win and iClicker Mac folders. Open the folder which corresponds to the type of computer you are using.
  6. Double-click the iClicker icon to start the program.
  7. At the "Welcome to i>clicker" screen, select your course from the list. If you course is not in the list, click the New button to create a new course. If you are creating a new course, in the course window you will enter the Course Name, Course Number and Section number. Then click create.
  8. If not already done, select your course from the list on the "Welcome to i>clicker" screen. Then click the Choose button. The "i>clicker v6.1.5" screen should appear.
  9. Turn on the blue instructor iClicker. The blue instructor's iClicker screen will display the default AA frequency.
  10. Back on the "i>clicker v6.1.5" screen, click My Settings and then the General tab. You should see a screen similar to the one below:
  11. settings

  12. Enter 8326BB1E into the "Instructor's Remote ID:" text box as shown in the picture above. Both Subfrequency Code 1 and Subfrequency Code 2 should be set to "A" and "A" (the default). The "A" and "A" Subfrequency Code settings can be seen in the picture above.
  13. If you need to change the Subfrequency Codes due to a conflict with another icClicker system nearby, turn off the instructor's iClicker, then press and hold the power button on the instructor's blue iClicker until the letters start to blink. Enter Subfrequency Code 1 and 2 withe buttons on the blue instructor's iClicker. Make them the same under the General tab the "i>clicker v6.1.5" screen as shown above.
  14. Finally, click Set for course to return to the "i>clicker v6.1.5" screen.
There are many other settings available. Use these as appropriate for your session. Briefly, they include:
  • CMS/Registration: Course Management System, In-Class (roll call) registration, Web registration, Results display
  • Polling: Customize toolbar, Polling Timer
  • Scoring: Participation Points, Performance Points
  • Results: Multiple choice (A-E) results, Numeric response results, Alphanumeric response results, Correct answer display
  • Base Display: Multiple choice (A-E) display, Numeric response display, Alphanumeric response display
  • Demographics: Available questions, Selected questions
  • 2) Start Polling:
    1. If you have not already done so, at the "Welcome to iClicker" screen, select a course and click Choose. The iClicker tool bar, a small box with 5 buttons, should appear on your computer screen.
    2. At the "i>clicker v6.1.5" screen,  Click Start Session to create a new excel document that stores all current session data. If you resume a previous session, the data will be stored in last excel document with session data.
    3. Have students turn on their white iClickers. Present your question, then click the button on the toolbar that matches the type of question you are asking. You may use the blue instructor's iClicker to do the same function. Use the arrow keys and select the type of question using the A button.
      1. Multiple choice, True/False, Yes/No, press the 1st button
      2. Numeric (open-ended response), press the 2nd button
      3. Alphanumeric (open-ended response), press the 3rd button
    4. Press A on the blue instructor iClicker to Start/Stop polling.
    5. Press B to show the results.
    3) End of Session:
    *Note: Session Data may not appear immediately after session. 
    1. Exit the iClicker program. Safely Remove or Eject the ICLICKER flash drive. Remove the yellow and white Kingston flash drive. Unplug the base receiver.
    2. To access the reports of the course session later, plug the yellow and white Kingston flash drive directly into your computer, open the ICLICKER drive on your machine and then the iClicker Win or iClicker Mac folder you used. Open the Classes folder. This contains the files storing the Session reports and other data.